The Guardian:

A referendum on legalising gay marriage in Ireland will be held in May, the Republic’s deputy prime minister announced on Tuesday evening. Tánaiste and Irish Labour leader Joan Burton confirmed that the cabinet in Dublin had agreed to hold the vote then. “The fact that this referendum is now to take place is a mark of the progress that has taken place in this country in recent years and decades, and indicates the extent to which attitudes to lesbian and gay people have changed,” Burton said in Government Buildings.

Polls show that 70% of Irish voters plan to vote yes. It will be fun watching the Catholic Church—which doesn't hold the moral high ground in Ireland anymore (piles of dead babies will do that)—impotently flail around trying to block this:

The hierarchy of the Catholic church last week came out against gay marriage in the Republic. A yes vote would mark another defeat for the temporal power of the Catholic church in a country it once dominated.

The Irish aren't going to be lectured about the family or the needs of children by the criminal organization that enslaved and abused young women and raped tens of thousands of boys and girls over six decades.