The Morning News: A Water Pipe Is the Latest Victim of the Tunnel Project, Report Finds SPD Making Headway on Federal Reforms


Another dimension of Tori Johnson I didn't see mentioned in the linked stories: second-class citizen of Australia.
But... australia has incredibly restrictive gun laws. How could some crazy person own one ?
the Taliban and Boko Haram competing with each other in an atrocity competition. medieval minds with modern weapons.

Pope Francis aside, this has been a horrible year for monotheism.

@2 no one ever said all gun crimes cease with restrictive laws, just that they can be decreased. Notice how in Australia this was a really, really, really big deal. They shut down Sydney over it.

In the US we had a man shoot 6 people and is still on the run, and it barely made the news. Shootings in the US are so commonplace that we assume it as a natural part of life. It's not.

Take your fallacious logic and GTFO.
@2 if that's the best trolling you can come up with, just give up.
Interesting mis-direction, "Why the dramatic price cut? Falling demand for oil due to economic slowdowns in Europe and Asia, the increase in fuel-efficient vehicles, and increased domestic oil production are some of the factors." By including, "increase in fuel-efficient vehicles" in the middle of that common separated series, it implies that the increase in fuel efficient vehicles is a significant factor. By comparison to the other factors in that series, its statistically minor. Kind of like saying the federal budget doesn't balance because there is waste at the EPA or the Defense Department. When 2/3 of the outlays of the Feds are for Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, interest, and federal civilian and non-civilian retirement benefits, you could wipe out DoD or EPA tomorrow and only make a tiny dent in the deficit.
Half an hour till the Gov cancels Bertha
@6: brilliant. Conflate the EPA budget ($8b) with the DoD budget ($490b). Is that the best you can do? The deficit for 2014 is $485b, so you were basically completely wrong.
No free speech at Nordstrom's . . .

. . . but it is OK for the Chinese factories they patronize to bury alive underage female workers once they are injured, for if the factory managers took them to a doctor, their underage condition might be reported and the factory managers would be fined!

On the Saga of Big Bertha . . . .

This was and is a lemon, not capable of underground boring, even if it was geotechnically feasible, which it ain't!

The last possibility, to always be avoided, if possible, is to dig underground; always tremendously more costly (which was why it was chosen again this time, just as why Light Rail (at-grade) was also chosen, with all that digging that would entail, when a city-wide monorail was the ideal, both topographically speaking as well as most sound, fiduciary-wise.

What are needed are more people well versed in the geological sciences, as there is not uniformity among the clay existing in the planned path of Big Bertha.

Should this continue on (if they get it fixed) it will truly be a miracle if the tunneling succeeds without major catastrophes down the line.

I don't wish it, but it is highly predictable.

Falling demand for oil . . .

Those factors mentioned are indeed correct, but the price of oil is determined in the futures markets, where it can be speculated up (as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission found that 90% of all trades were speculative in nature, and not hedging) and equally speculated down, so much speculating downwards has been going on these past few months, not necessarily anticipating the future market as in waging economic warfare against Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

Got that?
Vermont is the pack leader alright . . . .

Not only does Vermont lead in Peace Corps voluneering, but they have long led the nation in public banking as the videos below will show (Gwen Hallsmith, the director of the Public Banking Institute, in Vermont):………

And public banking is what we need and deserve in Seattle!

Memo to Ms. Richards

Please don't repeat what King 5 clowns, and morons and teleprompter-reading stooges report, as they are staunchly anti-union (ILWU being only one of two remaining real unions left in the USA today) and are inferring that if they ILWU did nothing, the economy and jobs would benefit, when the opposite is the case; the ILWU is attempting to save jobs and further automating/offshoring, etc.
@7: If wishes were horses……
Zero funding for #99tunnel in budget - Big Bertha Tunnel of Doom is a dead tunnel walking..,

Sayonara- won't miss you. Next time listen to the voters instead of the people who fund your campaigns.
@9: You're going to call for no consequences for someone who called for murder? Yeah, sure...

Can we give Sgt_doom an avatar so it's easier for me to avoid his posts?
@6: horseshit. wipe out the DOD and there IS NO MORE DEFICIT.

but we won't do that because the MIC owns the place.

@16: Any post that begins with a blockquote in bold text can be safely scrolled past without missing anything of value.
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I know a guy; if you give him a wrench, he can just beat that bent pipe back into shape. Cost maybe 20 bucks. No prob.