Nate’s over-the-top sandwich.
  • Nate’s over-the-top sandwich.

Every basketball fan has a favorite Nate Robinson moment: There was that time, back in 2006, when Robinson (five foot nine) blocked a shot by Yao Ming (seven foot six), causing Yao to double over in shame. More recently, Robinson scored 23 points in the fourth quarter of a playoff game, single-handedly bringing the Chicago Bulls back from a 14-point deficit to win the game in triple overtime.

Robinson—Seattle native, Rainier Beach High School and University of Washington alum, and the NBA's only three-time slam-dunk champion—may never become one of the league's big stars. But he's beloved for his energetic personality and freak-of-nature athleticism, which have given fans some of the sport's most memorable moments.

And just like its namesake and co-owner, Nate's Wings & Waffles in Rainier Beach is always good, and sometimes unfuckwithably great. And even when it's not, you're willing to overlook it because you're rooting for the place to win…