This extra-special double-wide edition of Never Heard of 'Em is brought to you by Stranger music editor Emily Nokes and Stranger editor in chief Christopher Frizzelle dancing around the office together laughing and singing as much of "Absolutely Cuckoo" as they could get through, right into each other's faces. "Don't fall in love with me yet/We've only recently met/Sure, I'm in love with you but/You might decide I'm a nut..." etc. In your mind, you should add ukulele, but in real life, it was a cappella.

That moment marks the second Ultimate Serenadeâ„¢ this column has brought me during my tenure as a professional music idiot. The first, which I will also cherish for all my years, is when Charles Mudede burst into an impromptu full-throated Kate Bush medley in my office. It was transcendent.

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Anyway, 69 Love Songs is the kind of album that sends people into fits of adoration and sing-alongs. I was pretty psyched to fall into its full thrall…