What Are You Allowed to Say While Exercising Your Right to Freely Assemble on Santa's Lap? (And the Meaning of Stock Photography)


Bless the Lord and Merry Christmas to WM Steven "I l Love Television" Humphrey!

My new motto for reading Slog -

"pluck the eyeballs out of my head, roll them in cocaine, and stick them back in again"
As happens from time to time, a software malfunction has led to this post being filed under "Jen Graves" instead of "Charles Mudede."
I was going to say that someone should tell Jen that Charles has hacked her account.
@3,2: I wonder if they did that, because I wouldn't think Jen would fail to notice something as obvious as the fact that that is obviously NOT a latex glove...
I read the article before the pic loaded. I was disappointed.
Where is Santa's left hand? Is he fondling young Suzie? He is not a very convincing Santa.
I love this very very much