Buzzfeed Got Its Hands on the Letter Wet Seal Gave Its Employees


Don't worry it was all explained in the letter -

The store is closing due to "a number of business reasons."
Yes, much better to dump people with 1 day warning than 2 weeks. That will solve any potential theft or damage problems.
I have never heard of Wet Seal, but you can rearrange the letters to We Steal, so there is that.
Oh boo hoo. There are other jobs out there. What's that saying? When a door closes another one opens. Business failure is a healthy function of capitalism.
They don't tell them so they will stay and work until the very last minute. It's evil.
Am I missing something here? What was the company supposed to do?

The store is closing. The employees are going to lose their jobs. There is no rainbow happy way to do this.

And yeah. Give people two weeks notice, and what happens? Nothing good.

I am getting really really REALLY tired of the entire internet second guessing difficult situations, and passing judgment out of ignorance.

This is a crap situation. There is no way to do this "right."

I wonder if the store managers who put up the signs in their windows are not going to get their "retention bonus". Operationally, complaining in public like that wasn't helping the closing of the stores.

I guess they got their 15 minutes of fame though....
Ahh so nobles stance in defending the corporations; your gift truly shall be in heaven, commenters
Giving your employees 2 weeks notice would be the smart thing to do, the right thing to do, and the just thing to do. But the store might have lost some sales, so there's that.
Employees are expected to give 2 weeks notice to their businesses, why shouldn't businesses give 2 weeks notice to their employees?
They don't give notice because many times in many companies employees commit acts of sabotage in the last few days. I've seen computers trashed, viruses intentionally planted, and a few other nasty acts.
Incredible,for them!