The new online, women-run magazine STACKEDD is hosting a benefit show for the non-profit Mary's Place tonight at Neumos. The event, which doubles as a launch party for STACKEDD, is dubbed A Bloody Good Time and the bill includes the Dee Dees (all-woman Ramones cover band), Dream On (mostly female musicians covering Aerosmith songs), DJs, and surprise guests. Ten dollars or a box of name-brand feminine-hygiene products will get you into the show. All proceeds go to Mary's Place, an organization that helps homeless women to improve their lives. The idea to champion Mary's Place derived from Seattle musician Faustine Hudson's Operation Menstruation program, which supplied young African women with reusable menstrual goods, so they can attend school.

STACKEDD editor Ma'Chell Duma LaVassar (a former Stranger freelancer) says the zine will publish every first Monday, with updated bonus content happening weekly. The current issue went live January 4, and features a cover story about Hudson's medical-aid efforts in Africa, a piece on Hardly Art Records' woman-centric roster, an episode of Bobbi Rich's Hangin' Tuff show, Judy McGuire's Date Girl advice column, and a lot more.

“This first issue was just a bunch of ideas my contributors and I had been sitting on,” says Duma LaVassar. “The next few will have more specific themes. Music is always going to be front and center in some fashion. Women are great multitaskers by nature and we tend to take on a lot of things at once—so often stories with female musicians can take on many angles. The musicians in Seattle, for the most part, have other interesting art they are making, civic causes they support, and sometimes cool side jobs, so there's always a lot of options. I chatted with Aubrey Violet Bramble from Golden Gardens who also is a parfumier and has made an entire line on Twin Peaks-inspired fragrances. That's a cool gig and a great idea people should know about it. Who wouldn't want to smell like or smell someone who smelled like Audrey Horne?”

Duma LaVassar claims that Ms. Magazine is probably the biggest inspiration for STACKEDD, but she also cites Bust and sites like Jezebel and Rookie. “I lived in Seattle when Carla DeSantis (now Black) was publishing ROCKRGRL and that publication was super inspiring to me. We have so many talented women in Seattle. Just look at the great things Emily Nokes has done for your music section. She really changed the tone of music journalism here. And she's great at everything. She's like a well-adjusted Kathleen Hanna.”

More info on A Bloody Good Time here.