There is new evidence that not all dogs hate public transportation.
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  • There is new evidence that not all dogs hate public transportation.

Most of the readers of this blog will find not even a speck's worth of controversy in the claim that I'm almost never wrong when it comes to explaining the deeper workings of this world and its prime mover, an economy organized by the politically imposed principles of capitalist accumulation. Like a surgeon (forgive the "Weird" echo), I usually get to the lone heart of things (forgive the Yes echo), pull it out of the ideological gore (forgive the Johnny Favorite echo), and place it on a plate for all to see (forgive the John the Baptist echo). But it does happen. It can happen. I can get something wrong. The post in question: Dogs Don't Like Public Transportation.

When this occurs, when I get a thing not right, it's much like the startling appearance of that lion in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar—it is rare, it is omen-like. A lion in the streets of Rome is like this dog that enjoys using Metro in Seattle. KOMO has the story:

"[The dog has] been here the last two years, so she's been urbanized, totally. She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,"
She can board a bus on her own (one is reminded of that satanic cat near the opening of The Master and Margarita), travel with humans peacefully, and get off at the exact stop next to a beloved dog park. (One assumes it must bark to alert the driver of its stop.) Nevertheless, there you have it. I was wrong. Not all dogs hate public transportation. Indeed, this one, whose name is Eclipse, seems to love it more than many of the humans in our city, which has a lousy public transportation system.