The Stranger has last-minute discounts to PNB, ACT Theatre, Neumos, and On The Boards this weekend. Grab tickets before they're gone!

1) Pynchon's novel was adapted into this huge, gasping mammoth of a movie by the worthy Paul Thomas Anderson. See Inherent Vice tonight @ Guild 45th.

2) Reflecting on our broken health care system and the ongoing fight to fix it, Steven Brill reads from his new book @ Town Hall.

3) Getting heavy with Hound Dog Taylor's Hand, Super-Z Attack Team, and Dave Webb @ Lo-Fi

4) Wicked police chief. Fiery prima donna. Crackling melodrama. Beautiful Hand-painted sets. It's all going down (and it won't end well). Seattle Opera's Tosca @ McCaw Hall.

5) A pig will be roasted and eaten tonight during the Hula Hula Anniversary, Pig Roast & Luau Party @ Hula Hula.