• Ansel Herz

Those ocean blue, sand-filled "functional art" installations—known as "bollards"—that serve as barriers between the Broadway cycle track and parked cars?

You know, the ones that keep getting bumped into the bike lanes, like this, circa July 2014, requiring Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews to move them back into place?

Or this, circa October?

  • Ansel Herz

Yeah, they're still not fixed, according to SDOT spokesman Rick Sheridan, who assured me in October they'd be permanently fixed by the end of 2014.

"We now anticipate completing the work early this year," he said on Monday. "We will either use a pin to anchor the bollard or a parking curb to keep it from moving into the bike lane."

I asked for a more specific timeframe. End of this month, Sheridan replied.

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I asked for a bollard-related joke to make this news go down easier for readers. "We want to stitch this bollard issue up as quickly as we can," he replied.

BOOOOOO. Sheridan declined my suggestions for adding some oomph to the quote, including adding the words "bollocks!" and "bungle."