Kingfish Owners Plan to Open Small "To-Go Places"


" cite the increasing cost of running a small business as a factor in their decision "

$15 Now, healthcare costs, and paid sick leave costs, or something else?
Sounds good to me. I almost always prefer take out to dining in. Saves on tip (I still tip a buck or two tho,) don't have to wait around for my food, don't have to pay a ridiculous price for a carbonated beverage, and Jeopardy's on at my house.
@1 Really? This article was one paragraph, and you couldn't make it to the end?

"the report indicates that higher rent was the reason for closing the restaurant."
I'm willing to bet that within five years, the Kingfish building and the Parkside next to it will both be knocked down and replaced with generic mixed-use buildings just like on the next block. Because if there's anything a neighborhood with a lot of service jobs needs, it's more $1500/mo studio apartments.
i'm cool with this, as the coaston's food is brilliant. though... i'll miss their bar (extra points added if one has a bar). please put a to-go place in south seattle!