Tickets for Death Cab for Cutie's Jan. 20 Crocodile Show Go on Sale Saturday Morning


krauty. huh.
Dave Depper's a great addition to the band! Saw him perform his tribute to Paul McCartney's Ram at Doug Fir in PDX a few years ago with a ginormous band backing - solid arranger/multi-instrumentalist, and a really good dude. DCFC chose wisely!
Sold out in less than 5 seconds. BOOOOOOOO
@3 I know! It was ridiculous. I refreshed until they were available and added to my cart and by the time j typed the captcha they were no longer available.

I don't understand how anyone could purchase so quickly.
@4 Here's how I got mine...

I created an account yesterday and logged in to TicketFly so all my information was saved. I did a practice test yesterday of a different show at the Crocodile to see how their ticket order procedures would go down and I could know what to expect instead of looking at it for the first time this morning. With only 450 tickets available, and assuming everyone ordered 2, that's only 225 people who were able to get tickets. In the end, I got lucky but seriously it was crazy how fast they went!
Nice one Nick!