Is this the Seahawks witch doctor? Because yesterdays game was all about magic.
  • Kelly O
  • Is this the Seahawks' witch doctor? Because yesterday's game was all about magic.

Last year, I watched the Super Bowl at Shewaber. It was the Seahawks against the Broncos. It was the "Bud Bowl, Weed Bowl, Hash Bowl." It was over in the first quarter. Unbelievably, our odd team transformed the mighty Broncos into a floor they mopped clean. The game was not even great but eerie. And so it was not just watching some ordinary mopping at work, but instead watching something like Mickey Mouse with the borrowed (or stolen) powers of a sorcerer—the mops were doing the mopping at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey.

That same eeriness made its return yesterday at Century Field. Seriously, how did they win that game? In the former one, the Broncos were in a spell that made them do everything wrong; in the latter, the Packers were under the illusion that they were doing everything right. The visiting team had a game plan that appeared to disarm the Seahawks. The future was clear to all by the beginning of the fourth quarter: No Super Bowl for us this year. But as if by the sparkling motion of a magician's wand, the Seahawks went from the worst team in the NFL to the most perfect team. And all the win needed was two minutes of near perfection. Two minutes of almost no mistakes. I have never seen anything like it. That game was just plain spooky.

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And I will not get into the strange business of the bike after the win...

That shit is just plain Seattle.