Oh my God, they were right all along.
  • Kelly O
  • Oh my God, they were right all along.

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So the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl, again. When the pigskin hits the sweat on Sunday, February 1, where will you and your loved ones be dipping your chips? Tell us about it, please. We want to know.

Maybe you're a bar owner who's going to be throwing the big game up on the new Hitachi data projector and slinging $1-off house rosé and pulled pork sliders. Maybe you're a local celebrity who's flinging open the vast solid-marble gates of your North Capitol Hill mansion and ushering grimy football fans into the jewel-encrusted viewing room of your carriage house for one afternoon only. Maybe you're attempting to found a new religion wherein Marshawn Lynch is the messianic figure, and you're having a ground-breaking ceremony and pledge drive for your new shrine?

Please, tell us all about whatever it is, and help us build the most comprehensive calendar of happenings this town has ever seen. Together, we can make Super Bowl CCXIVILMVIIIIV one of the most option-filled days of early February.

E-mail all relevant information to calendar@thestranger.com (and please include "Super Bowl" in the subject line!).