Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata Will Not Seek Reelection


Was really hoping he'd take on, and hopefully take down, Burgess. It would have been an expensive, and bruising fight - but would have provided much needed contrast in that race.
He's done some great work on the Council and is clearly one of its most progressive members. So it's really to bad to see him choose retirement over a campaign against Tim Burgess that, while intense, would be one that Licata would surely win. Too bad Licata is choosing to quit instead of fight for what he believes.
I'm comfortable with Obrien running in the district in the absence of Licata--unlike Licata, he will be a much stronger voice for expanding public transportation vis-à-vis Light Rail.
I would like to play more of an active role in that effort. And see what I can do to have Seattle’s accomplishments duplicated elsewhere.
I could not pursue this effort while remaining on the City Council and still do justice to performing the duties of a councilmember.

Oooh... Sawant burn.
As someone who maxed contribs to Nick a few times, it's sad to see him and 7 of the current council go.
I don't blame him for quitting. It must have been painful for him to watch the Seahawks over the last few years and keep spouting off about how sports have no cultural or economic significance.
@6, The public put 200 or 300 million into the Clink and it's finally resulting in some runs to the superbowl. Do you think there's a fortune coming out of that ? How about the Ms who are having their lease end in a few years ?…
Glendale not cheering Super Bowl
Some politicians question the money-making potential of the big game.
Terrible news. I was so hoping Licata would run against one of the two right wing reactionaries, Burgess or Clark, and take one of them out.

I know they are not reactionary by national standards but neither B nor C have done this City any good that I can see.

Nick's skill at navigating inside City Hall has been invaluable in making the progress we've been able to make to benefit the majority of ordinary citizens in contrast to the rich and powerful which B and C clearly serve.
I have the greatest respect for Nick. This is the City's loss.
Who is Mercedes Elizalde, and why is she running in Seattle's 5th Council District?
I see the SEEC posting, but nothing else.

And Sandy Brown had a kickoff last night (nice timing, dumbass) that was attended by cash contributor Sally Bagshaw.

Hire a reporter.
Is Nick going to New York to be a consultant?…
Licata has chosen to "fight for what he believes", @2, for all his Council career, many more years than we could reasonably expect. Since he's been in the minority for all those years, he must be exhausted. Seattle is now a city that has driven out people who have him to thank for caring about them, and thus I doubt if he could beat $$-backed Burgess. O'Brien is very good on many issues, but compared to Licata, he's bush-league.
Thanks a lot Stranger Election Control Board. District elections fucking suck.

Remember when you said, "...the kind of progressive, grassroots candidates we dream about could actually have a shot in a district." How's that working out?
STFU DOUG. There's a lot more candidates than there's ever been before, including some who actually live in our sidewalk-less wasteland north of 85th.
@15: You know, we used to have a mayor who lived up there.
@13, that was my guess, but I kind of expected to see her kind of mention it on her FB page.
Any word on Lisa Herbold's plans?