Rand Paul Releases Skit Featuring Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Arguing Over Whose Turn It Is to Be President


So what he's saying is...Bush and Clinton have already been in the White House, and it's Paul's turn now before either of them gets another go.
Yes, Hilary is exactly like Bush when it comes to dynasties, because her sister and mother were President before her.
Spoiled child strapped into a car seat acts out skit featuring mom and dad arguing over whose turn it is to drive the car.

You're not going to get a turn until you grow up, you whiny baby.
he's not getting a turn ever. a perm on a man in 2015 is reason enough.
@2 Yes, it's so different when you lived in the White House for 8 years and your husband was President. She's a total outsider!

Rand's by far my favorite out of the Republicans. At least he'll question the national security consensus that seems to think it's above our legal system. And he believes in freedom as a core value, which is more than many Democrats can say.
Doesn't Rand Paul have a famous father, too? Someone who served a long time in Congress and ran for President twice? Or is that a different Rand Paul?
You got it #4!
@4 I kind of wondered about his hair -do myself. Is it a toupe or did he have it "done" ? It ain't right for anyone in 2015 to have a "special" haircut to impress the public. He's a loser from the start, spending money that he doesn't have to get elected to a position that he couldn't handle.