Is Anyone Else Excited NOT to Watch the Super Bowl Tomorrow?


What if you just did what most fans do, and go to a Super Bowl party, but then eat snacks and talk through the entire game? Usually there's multiple rooms of people - the snack table is often in a different room from the game - just hang out in there or the kitchen and be around people you like, enjoying them enjoying themselves? No?
@1 No.
During the Super Bowl is the best time to go to the gym, or go shopping for clothes, since there's no other people clogging the places up.
It's far from glamorous, but I'll be making my annual pilgrimage to Costco, Fry's, and Trader Joe's. Superbowl Sunday afternoon is the only time you'll ever be gloriously alone in those stores, short of breaking in at 2 am.
@ 3, Guess I'm not the only one that pretends they're in a Disney teen movie and puts on a floor show ; )
Skiing? Long hike? Bike trainer if the weather is lousy? Those are my best options this year.
I'm seeing Three Sisters, then going to Sun Liquor which has no TVs.
My local indy coffee shop will actually be closed tomorrow so I don't even have that option for non-Super Bowl activities. I'll probably read, maybe go see a movie...

I'm happy for the fans and the folks who are super into the sport but... meh.
Mr Frizzelle, my mom, a ardent football (soccer) fan, described American football to my dad (a French dude) thus:
"Bunch of guys in tights line up in two lines, then a guy stick his hands under a bent over guy's crotch, call out some numbers and talks about a hut for like a minute. Then they all slam into each other and grab and fall on top of each other, sometimes in a big pile."
My dad thinks US corporations are really shrewd in using televised orgies to sell crappy things and bad food.
This is the kind of snobby hipsterism The Stranger used to dispense on a regular basis. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Chris.
mario's is having a sale - 30% off.

which makes it almost affordable.

I will be at work, teaching teenagers how to drive.
If hating spartsball makes me a hipster, than I'm a proud fucking hipster.
The partner and I have been taking in a few episodes when we can (on recommendation of a friend) Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, an Australian television series now into its third season (in Australia), seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix streaming. Set in Melbourne, in the 20s. Worth seeing for Miss Fisher's outfits alone, some nice romantic tension between her and the male lead. We've been enjoying it. If you've never heard of it or seen it, might be fun to check out a few episodes if you feel like staying in.
Anyplace scenic that's usually lousy with people. If I were in Seattle right now I'd probably rent a car and drive to Hurricane Ridge, or Anacortes. Maybe if you live there that doesn't appeal so much.
You're not going to see the Superb Owl at the Sports Ball? I hear there my be other varieties of avian creatures present too. I intend to be decked in my finest regalia (it is a Ball, after all, right?), singing the praises of the mighty Oklahoma Thunder and their star pitchers Marsha Lunch, Ruffles Wilton, and Dick Sherm. They've been my favorite rock band since the last time they fought over dishware. At least they are part of a noble non-profit organization that is actually a massive commercial enterprise that makes shitloads of money from advertising, licensing, television/radio/videogame contracts, and wonderfully dodges taxes while making the public-at-large pay for their venues. Small miracles, am I right?
I'll be going on a long bike ride, rain or no rain. Then I will clean the toilets.
how much does joy cost? how much should it? are all these hats and sweaters sweat-shop shipped? go hawks, to the comfort of vespucci's dream.
So, Chris understands how I felt about the weeks of "Cherdonna" coverage or the insufferable plea for more/never blocked bike lanes s on SLoG. Good.
@16: The non-profit trade organization that is the NFL is not a tax dodge. It is a collection of corporations (the teams), coming together to split revenues and costs. Those revenues are then taxed on the individual corporation level. There's no dodge there. On the other hand, they DO make the public at-large pay for their venues, and that is bullshit.
Man, Virginia Woolf is so much more awesome than the Seahawks. Are you reading A Writer's Diary or diving into the complete diaries?
The roads will be deserted come 3pm. You could walk down the street in a thong and no one will notice (much less care).

My guess is that the cops will be streaming the Super Bowl on their laptops. Not the best time to get rolled, my guess.

Enjoy your own on-street, post-apocalyptic role-playing fantasy for say, 3 hours (?)

Then all hell breaks loose....
Movies? If you're into the Academy Award thing, then the nominated short films, both animated and live-action, are playing this weekend at the Seven Gables (they screened at the Harvard Exit for the last several years, but had to move this year, obviously). They'll only be there for a week or so. Alternatively, if you like a good cry, go see Selma if you haven't already. I defy anyone to sit through that without shedding a tear.

You're the lucky one, not to have a mate who revels in all things football for six months out of a year. Me? I'll be suffering thru yet another gameday for the umpteenth time, bound to journey down one of the most dangerous treks in the state, alongside the magic skagit, undoubtedly also along with countless carousing car drivers, simply to reach the obligatory superb bowl party. Once there, I will probably be relegated to the most uncomfortable seat in some out-of-the-way corner of the house, to work my Sunday Crosswords. Happily and sublimely ignorant of the surrounding ruckus, I'll secretly be relishing the thought of no more football for six whole months. Excuse me now, I'm off to prepare deviled eggs that must be dyed to appear a moldy rotten blue with scoops of mucousy-looking chartreuse yolk. Have a fine first day of February!
@3 - my gym is closing for the game.

As for the letter writer - I'm attending a sci-fi con in Redmond this weekend. Foolscap. Tiny but mighty. There's a viewing party after the con is over, but by then, I'll be on my way home with tasty Indian food, after which I'll catch up on my TiVo backlog.
I'm leaving Sea Tac at 10:45 and arriving in Cabo San Lucas at 4:05 p.m. No radio, no computer access and then it's Margaritaville. I'm sure I will hear about the game the next day, maybe..... I just don't give a shit!
Taco Time in Monroe is closing at 2:30 p.m. on Sun. I can't believe it!
My plan is Selma at 12:15, Project Almanac at 2:40, The Imitation Game at 5, and Into The Woods at 7.
@14 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries airs Thursdays at 10:30pm on KCTS 9 (my employer). I like it, too. Essie Davis is great, and I agree about the outfits.
Must... watch... Super Bowl!
I went to Hurricane Ridge once, on acid. All was gloriously psychedelic except for the snowshoeing part. Years of experimentation has taught me that the only sport I enjoy while high is basketball. Golf is pretty cool while drunk.
I see a surprising dearth of people planning on public sex, public drinking, and public potsmoking during the game..
Sounds like me. I do a fair amount of stuff, but it doesn't compare to all the planning i do for things that never get done.
Answer is NO!
Walk the empty streets and feel like the deceased. It's damn peaceful out there with room to breathe. The bars are a lot like life used to be; huddled shoulder-to-shoulder, backs turned against the cold, and the non-believers. Huddled up and trying to shake together over a game whose rules have long since been forgotten. Perfect time for ghost-acting, maybe ghost-meeting, ghost-fucking.
Wow! I am really impressed with the author's intellectual superiority. No sportsball! Reading! Reading Virginia Woolf! Truly a member of the gifted elite, well above barbaric plebeian pastimes. Well done, sir!
Every fucking year with this shit.
@1, but if he did that, how would everyone know how cool he is?
@ 39, at least the liquor stores are open.
@41 Except in Utah.
@ 42, sorry, but that was a joke at Christopher's expense.
pony is closed because assholes. make a note of it.
@36: I saw that one, too, but it's not just one afternoon spent indulging in other people's preferred hobby, it's been 4 months of non-stop football talk in this town, with increasing volume, that's got me hating the Superbowl and football in general. It doesn't help that people like @38 make me feel like shit for not liking their particular sporting hoo ha.
Speaking of @38: People who accuse non-football-lovers of being snobs just make me hate football fans.
@44: as are Canon and Artusi, two of my Sunday night standards. Boooo.
Oh and @7: Apparently people lined up outside the Summit Pub overnight to get "good seats" for the game. I anticipate a fair amount of sportsfan overflow into Sun Liquor this evening.
"Instead of watching the Super Bowl like all those uncultured plebians, I stayed at home and read three volumes of Proust while waxing my mustache also I don't own a television AM I INTERESTING YET?"
Just doing some gardening and things around the house. I do not hate football it's just that it doesn't interest me. May everyone who enjoys it have a nice time.
I've done some cleaning and ran errands. I love when there is nearly no one on the road!
@1: If you do that, you can't really tell yourself you are better than those people.
Sex. Lots and lots of sex. The funnest part is, the neighbors probably assume all the screaming is because you're watching the game, just like they are.
Walked thru downtown doing errands, was fucking glorious because it was dead.
Passed by Buffalo Wings after the halftime show, where one fan was tending over his comrade who was horizontal over a small puddle of (I assume) his own vomit.