The Best of Slog: Seattle Prepares for the Super Bowl by Watching Horrific Videos of Seattle Police Officers Behaving Questionably


I look at Raw Story and see SPD coming up a lot in their posts. And I see the same stories in other national blogs, too. So SPD would probably have to be on the top ten list of most notorious PDs in the nation.
Ooooooooh, Seattle's Notorious P.I.G.s.
I noticed that it's about 1:05 pm when officer Whitlatch stops her car and it's about 2:43 pm when the video ends with Mr. Wingate still in the back of the van. It's about 2:32 pm when he's made to climb into the van.

I'm assuming that the SPD is not in the habit of providing any "hospitality," so on that sunny summer day, did Mr. Wingate have any water in the 85 minutes he was being detained and arrested? And what are conditions in a police van these days--are they air-conditioned? Anyway, so the SPD puts an elderly man in a stressful situation on a hot day, did they make sure he was hydrated?
Trés heavy considerations. However none of us mere mortals can address those questions sufficiently. If you need insightful answers with the pretense of depth, this is a task for Underdog, i mean, Paul Constant.
Why didn't Mike McGinn deal with the SPD while he was in office for four years? These problems didn't just start after Murray became mayor
That Was The Week That Was

or, How beautiful it is --- Pablo Iglesias

Greece, Spain, Argentina and the Hawks!

In Greece, the anti-austerity (and anti-neonazi) party swept the elections.


In Spain, thousands took to the streets in support of their anti-austerity party, with the elections to take place in several months.

In Argentina, President Kirchner announced their intelligence agency (Intelligence Secretariat) was being dissolved.

And on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks bested the Boston Patriots, 24 to 7!


I'm sure you have the answer, so tell us.
@7, The SPD problems go back decades. Spineless city political leadership for decades. Besides, since the abuses were happening against what is considered a socially and politically insignificant minority in the eyes of the lesser seattle status quo, it wasn't a big deal as far as it was concerned.
Our dear neo-realist is right. Police corruption has been a huge problem in Seattle for decades. The 70's were particularly bad. The GSBA was originally formed to fight back against protection rackets that the SPD and WSLCB were pulling on gay bars.