Prada loves Mamiffers foreboding, majestic music.
  • Faith Coloccia/Aaron Turner
  • Prada loves Mamiffer's foreboding, majestic music.

It's a strange sensation when an underground drone-rock group like Seattle duo Mamiffer can place their music in the spring/summer ad campaign by high-end fashion house Prada. But here we are. This Prada ad features Ethan Hawke looking very serious and an excerpt from the beautifully momentous "Flower of the Field" off Mamiffer's outstanding 2014 album, Statu Nascendi (produced by local studio wizard Randall Dunn).

The third full-length by Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner), Statu Nascendi consists of four long tracks that encompass drone, stark folk rock, and minimalist metal. Coloccia's entrancing, morose vocals waft over her majestic keyboards and Turner's expansive, guttural guitar, creating a mood of solemn ritual and elegant turbulence. It is not in any conventional sense of the word "commercial."

So, how did a group as obscure as Mamiffer get their music into a freakin' Prada ad? It seems about as unlikely as German glitch producer Oval's "Textuell" appearing in that Armani perfume TV advert. Mamiffer's Aaron Turner says, "They wrote us at the SIGE [Mamiffer's label] address asking permission to use the song—not sure how they'd come across it. We have a guy who helps us with placement stuff and we just let him take it from there."

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This is Mamiffer's first encounter with the advertising world, although they have engaged with the film industry. “As for film/TV placement, Mamiffer started out when Faith was commissioned to compose music for an indie film called Calm at the Edge of the Sea. She made some music specifically for the film and the director [Majo Calderon] also used some music which was essentially demos for songs that ended up on the first album [Hirror Enniffer].”

What people really want to know is, how much dough did Prada slip you for this snippet? "No comment on that one," Turner says with a laugh. "I will say that we put the funds towards covering the costs of recording Statu Nascendi, something we were happy to be able to do since most of our projects are self-financed..."