Lindy West's This American Life Piece Prompts Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to Promise Action Against Online Abuse


"All of this—now admittedly—is too little too late"

No, it's not.
@1: Care to expand?

Yes, it is. But it's a start. Let's take what we can get now and work on getting more in the future.
Also, thank you Lindy and the army of people who have been trying, almost from day one of Twitter, to get them to take this shit seriously.
Lindy, you're an inspiration.

I kind of assumed besides shitty teenagers or guys in their mid 20's mad at life, it's just the same hundred or so trolls on every website. If you shut down the monkey exhibit because they won't stop jacking off in front of visitors, there's still the rest of the zoo to check out.
I'm a Native American activist, and I get bigots and nutjobs seeking me out to harass me endlessly, tell me how 'wrong' I am, and spew racist epithets. Daily. You are supposed to look at it as a 'teaching moment', but it's not. They don't want to be informed, or learn, they just want to take it out on you, because they feel threatened by anyone having equal rights, or getting respect. USUALLY white, they feel the privilege they've enjoyed for so long is at risk somehow, and that they, as the superior race, have the right to tell you how to feel, speak, think, and act. I have been called 'squaw', buffalo herder, buffalo jockey, blanket ass, prairie n*gger, etc, etc. Told by said trolls that I was uneducated and illiterate (meanwhile their spittle-filled posts brim over with bad spelling and grammar, not to mention text speak)

I used to engage, but it would get to the point of exasperation, and I'd just start swearing. Now I just report, and block, but twitter never does anything about it. Some people start accounts JUST to troll, and one look at their TL shows nothing but vile, racist 'tweets'. And twitter allows it to continue. One of the worst right now is Michele Tittler. Google her. The woman is nuts, in her 50's, lives with her parents, and stole thousands from her father for domain names using "Idle No More", etc, to derail people from the genuine sites, where she then rants on about all the 'special treatment' we get, etc. And ANYTHING you say back to her, she screen caps to 'prove how racist Natives are towards whites'....when NOTHING racist was said. And who is the latest? None other than Rosie O'Donnell, telling women of colour they don't matter, they need to shut up, she's done so much for them, the ingrates, and using disparaging terms. Wow.
It was a really sad story. It's impressive Lindy got Twitter to take some action. 'too little too late' is not an excuse to do nothing. Someone in the state legislature needs to get bill proposed for online harassment and revenge sites.
@cattycat I'm native and I thank you for trying to spread knowledge online. And I thank Lindy as well. Just wanted to send some positive thoughts.
" "I think my anger toward you stems from your happiness with your own being. "

That is the fakest thing I've ever read on Slog.
@8 That's a reaction that's as old as the hills: Whenever a suppressed or oppressed group takes a step towards equality, it's viewed as an infringement by the privileged class.