Watch Nancy Pearl and Me Talk About Books


You look and sound lovely. Don't be so down on yourself.
What do you mean, 'sorry about all the me' ?--you are the one being interviewed! And while I get that watching and listening to yourself can be uncomfortable, most of us feel this way so don't mention it. You are adorable and have a nice speaking voice, and know your book reviewing. It's a good interview. Yay, Nancy Pearl!
Paul, you are now and have long been my favorite Stranger writer. If you recommend a book, I read it. If you recommend a movie, I see it. If you recommend a sandwich, I do too. Never enough Paul Constant.

You used to take a book to lunch and review both. If you don't want to revive this, would you consider being on Nancy Pearl's show weekly?
Great interview, very animated! I've enjoyed the books that you've recommended. Thanks Paul!
the best line from the interview: ”the most important things I can do as a reader is to reach out and understand the experiences of other people around me”
That was a wonderful chat. I admire you both. I have much more respect for The Stranger having watched that, realizing book reviews are a serious and requisite part of the paper; and because of that, they keep you on staff. Good for them! Thanks.
Don't be so hard on yourself.…
(You'd never treat a friend the way you treat yourself in this post)
The contrast between your apology for posting this and the self-advertising Savage does constantly about his trips/books/columns/posts/opinions is pretty extreme. Your presence on the Stranger/Slog is very much appreciated, you're a superb writer, and a good interviewee and interviewer.
What the above have said, Paul. You are one of the last mainstays on Slog, have been prolific and insightful on books and politics and whatever catches your attention, and so generous with your time - even personalizing book recommendations for readers based on authors they like. Who does that? It must've been 6-7 years ago, but I read all five that you listed and still remember the side note - read more women authors!

So - accept the reality. You are recognized and appreciated. We like to read, see and hear from you. Now - have a great Friday.
You come across great, Paul.

And if anybody else has a little difficulty with video options (I have an elderly version of Safari with similarly doddering JavaScript, so the link and download buttons don't work properly)—

It's on Seattle Channel here:…

And the direct .mp4 link is here:…
Pulease. Paul. You know I adore you, so I am biased. But. Being as objective as possible: you are cute. Full head of hair and nice voice. If you're not George Clooney (thank the dear Lord, one is enough) then you are so much better. Interesting, approachable, and YOU READ. Only criticism is maybe get more angular glasses to balance out the round tones of face and hair. Overall, you are a definite 7 in looks, with upgrade to 9+ for personality, political affiliation and brains.
What everyone else here has said. You're the most positive voice in local media - a book editor who loves to read, a culture watcher who appreciates culture, and a local with a real fondness for your locale. I'm fully in support of more Paul Constant.
You have continued to be one of my favorite Stranger writers for what, like seven years now? Nancy is fantastic, you're fantastic, and together you do a lot of positive things for the local literary/library/book/reader community, moreso than Amazon will ever do.
Yes, what @everyone else has said so far. Would have been fun to see the fake beard, though…
This makes me sad now. I can't wait to see where you end up.