There's a difference between summer music and winter music, right? At least, the same music can sound different in summer and winter? I sure think so. I'll get to Throwing Muses in a minute, but I wonder: Since we've had an odd watered-down semi-summer in the middle of winter, how does that affect your music-listening? Sometimes I listen to music for this column and it fits the mood of the world so well: It's clearly a blast-this-from-your-sunlit-boom-box album, or a perfect melancholy darkness soundscape. For plenty of other music, it doesn't matter, but for some, it's transcendent.

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Throwing Muses seem like they would feel very different in winter and summer. And I think I'd like them even better in the summer, but I can't tell, because six-month-early Juneuary is so confusing!…