Gays in Seattle "have more rights and protections than I do": That's what Seattle Police officer Sam Byrd reportedly wrote on Twitter. He also supposedly wrote a ton more on social media, including racist rants, complaints about liberal politics, and other unintelligent blather about current events. Is this really the kind of guy we want protecting us? He seems to kind of hate us, doesn't he? Shortly after Ansel Herz wrote about this, SPOG president Ron Smith sent out an e-mail warning SPD officers to "be mindful of the content of your social media postings."

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We Lost the Super Bowl: Why, dear God? Why? Whyyyyy? (Sob!) (Choke!) WHY? At least Seattle looked good while we lost. But those cakes still look pretty sad.

Get Government Out of the Bedroom, Already: A new open letter from sex workers says these anti-prostitution laws are ridiculous and bad. Meanwhile, here are the Republicans who want to control the reproductive rights of Washington teenagers.

It's a Start: Officer Cynthia Whitlatch was reportedly placed on paid leave and forced to turn in her badge and gun.

Bertha's Dental Work Is Going to Be Very Complicated: Sydney Brownstone explains what happens next with the tunnel project.

Sasquatch Sighted: I think the most exciting name in the 2015 Sasquatch lineup Is St. Vincent. You may have a different opinion. (But you're wrong.)

Pegging Hits Broad City: And Dan Savage is so very proud.

Rare Type of Syphilis Blinds Two in King County: This is terrible news.

Lindy West Vs. Trolls: Twitter's CEO chimes in on the battle and comes down on Lindy West's side. Also, Lindy appeared on CNN with this ridiculously loud anchor guy, who is kind of delightful.

Josephine's Elba: The local underground music venue is closing.

Police Chief Returns Wallet: Just stop and think about that headline for a while.

"M'lady": This week's Police Reports Illustrated is about a man with a sword, and it's really, really good.

Katy Perry Vs. Tacocat: The music feud of the century!

Droning About Prada: How did local band Mamiffer wind up in a Prada ad?

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The Bachelor Continues to Be Really Weird: Emily Nokes isn't making any of this up.

Photo of the Week: It's from Christopher Frizzelle's new "Adorable or Deplorable?" column:

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