More than 100 people marched on Capitol Hill Saturday in protest of racial profiling and the arrest of a 70-year-old black man for no apparent reason.
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  • Vonda Sargent, right in beige jacket, has retracted her claim that the City Attorney's Office failed to deliver records she requested about the arrest of William Wingate.

Over the last few days, Vonda Sargent, a lawyer for William Wingate, claimed to The Stranger that records relating to Wingate's controversial arrest last summer had been wrongly withheld from her by the City Attorney's Office. In fact—as noted in the comments—the City Attorney's Office has records that firmly rebut Sargent's claim. And Sargent herself now says she missed an e-mail from the City Attorney's Office alerting her that the records were ready back in December. In other words, the records have been available to Sargent for months. "I stand corrected," Sargent said. Because of this, we've removed the earlier post that was built around Sargent's now-retracted allegations.

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