Marshawn Lynch running past fools is a thing well (maybe) be seeing against next season.
Marshawn Lynch running past fools is a thing we'll (probably) (hopefully) be seeing again next season. Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks' heroic general manager, John Schneider, dropped a bunch of fascinating tidbits in his interview with 710 ESPN Radio this morning. These included the fact that Russell Wilson’s forthcoming contract extension may be a creatively wrought team-friendly one, that the team is looking at having 10 draft picks in the upcoming draft rather than the rumored 11, and that Marshawn Lynch is mulling retirement.






This is big news if true. Big, horrible news! And Schneider is preparing us for it to be true! Heroic Schneider! A man who does not take his words lightly!

Well, I still think it’s highly unlikely Lynch retires.

Here’s what we know:

Lynch had discussed retiring after this season months ago.

• Lynch’s contract holdout last offseason wasn’t great.

• Schneider acknowledged in the same interview that if Lynch comes back it will be for more money and/or years than he’s currently under contract for.

• Lynch would have a hard time forcing a move at his age while still under contract without retirement at least on the table.

• Lynch has had back injuries that may be more serious than we know about.

• Lynch is a professional running back, which is a shitty job in some ways and an amazing one in others. Some great ones retire at their peak (Barry Sanders, for example) and others keep grinding until the game has worn them out (Emmett Smith, for example). Lynch is an unusual dude both in terms of skill set and personality, and could go reasonably be expected to go either way.

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All of which is to say, nothing much is new here. A friend asked me what I thought the odds of Lynch returning to the Seahawks next year were about a week ago. My answer was a highly scientific 74 percent. Now it’s maybe 67 percent? Or 68 percent? Or 69 percent? Slightly lower, but not radically changed.

The big news here is that Schneider took the possibility of Lynch coming back on his current deal off the table while also suggesting that Wilson’s deal will open up more space than prognosticators may have expected. That means that either Lynch will make more next season than he would have and that the team will still be fine salary-cap-wise, or there will be money around to try to replace the irreplaceable Lynch. DeMarco Murray–type money, if that’s what the team wants to do.

But hopefully they don’t want to do that, because they won’t have to do that, and they’ll just keep Lynch around for more money than he was paid this year. That remains the best and most likely scenario. And then Paul Allen will build a time machine, and they’ll hand him the damn ball.

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