Jon Stewart Says He's Leaving The Daily Show


Didn't NBC try to get him for Meet the Press? Maybe there's another high profile job opening at NBC News.
To be honest, the TDS has been slightly weak tea ever since it lost its Colbert half of the hour. I will miss JS in general, but I'm missing Colbert's character a lot more. I will not miss JS "interviewing" Denis Leary for the 32178th time.
And here's the last episode of The Jon Stewart Show where they booked David Letterman as the final guest, to cheer Jon up. Sorry 'bout the quality here; it's from a very degraded VHS and everyone looked like Simpsons characters so I desaturated it as much as I could.…
4 first comment didn't was/is a link to the BBC show Where's Elvis This Week? that Jon Hosted for the BBC in '96. There were only 5 episodes made and I've posted them all on YouTube - here's the most popular, with Hitchens & Chappelle as guests.…
Seems like Jen Graves has left The Stranger. Eh, some celebrity on a computer/tv screen is infinitely more important to us than Jen.
@5: He's more than a "celebrity". Nice trolling.

I kind of get ya. Would you mind elaborating? For starters, say, who else in the limelight is "more" than a celebrity? Maybe list five others if you can, just so we can approach being on the same page.
@5, or she's just on maternity leave, dude.…
mucho gracias. did not know. despite giving her posts some flack, i was missing her eye and given thought to images. Jen, name your baby Savage! hope all goes smoothly. congrats
What if he got Brian Williams' job doing "real" news?!?
I'd miss him, but I look forward to a replacement eager to get back to cutting through the bullshit. Jon Stewart was at the top of his game when he ripped apart Eric Cantor for his hypocrisy, or the chuckleheads at Crossfire. He gave a pass to David Barton's obvious horseshit the last time he visited, so I don't think he has it in him anymore to point out when his guests are lying to his face.
Total speculation but I bet he is exiting for this one reason: He has many friends who are in a kind of holding pattern waiting for him to move, somewhere. He's moving so that others can take a shot at TDS or make a move with him, or whatever.

He has taken a grande and awesome shit, it is time to get off the pot.
Oh shit. I hope they can pull John Oliver back. He is the logical successor.
Maybe Stewart is tired of the daily shooting fish in a barrel of idiot reactionary republicans and wants to do other things?
He also could have really enjoyed directing films and maybe wants a career shift.

Interesting, I didn't hear that. What I heard was that Stewart got really worked up emotionally about the story out of Ferguson MO, and that he was planning to pursue whatever career Michael Brown had in mind.
Jessica Williams would be an absolute disaster. Don't do that to her.
Lindy should replace him.
Wanda Sykes.
Or Aasif Mandvi.
I haven't had any interest in watching news shows, funny or not. I also really don't care what Jon Stewart['s writers] think about any given issue enough to sit through a monologue about it or him waving his arms around like a muppet. It stopped being entertaining around the second season of Colbert's show.
If the Daily Show fades away because of Jon Stewart's departure, a very important dissident voice will be lost. I can't think of anything else on TV (or the internet for that matter) so focused on cutting through the BS of modern media and satirizing our increasingly inhuman political world. If we lose that lens, it won't be replaced. I get this chilling feeling that this could be the end of any 'truth' in news media. PLEASE REPLACE HIM WITH SOMEONE THAT MAKES IT ALL WORK!!!!
@20, 21: Either of them could be badass.
Mandvi, by the way, made a movie called "Today's Special" based on a play he made. He plays an ambitious chef who is forced by a family emergency to take over his family's run-down Indian restaurant. It's kinda predictable, but it's funny as hell, has a good cast, and works its central themes into the plot pretty well. I give it 4 stars and a recommend.