Hullomosexuals! Tomorrow night is a very special night indeed (a red letter day in the halls of homosexualia!) for we are to be invaded by an army of battling drag queens: RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, specifically, who shall visit upon us a right and proper RPDR Battle of the Seasons. Thrilling, I know! (Do try to contain yourself, you're getting glitter on the carpet.)

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To answer your first question, no, Jinkx will not be there. To answer your second question, no, neither will Ben. And neither will that trash-talking tramp Willam Belli, which is FANTASTIC news, for instead of battling various seasons’ queens at Showbox SODO, she will be skipping all of that hullabaloo entirely to do something even better: host the official unofficial after party! (Or, as she’s calling it, “Shafterparty”.)

Willam, for all those born under a rock on Pluto, is quite possibly the funniest, trashiest, and sass-mouthiest of all of the RPDR queens, and she throws down some serious party. She will perform, of course, as will a beaded bagful of lovely local queens (Isaac Scott! Amoania! MORE!), I am sure a few of the battling queens might just show up, too. And, you know? YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO BE THERE. (Oh, but you DO!)

And since I love you, I’m going to make this dream come true. Maybe. To win two tickets to Willam’s event, please to simply retweet the tweet at the top of this post by noon tomorrow, and a lucky, lucky winner will be selected at random—all you need is Twitter and a thumb. Now, doesn’t that sound easy? Gentelmos! Start your tweeting!

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