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As mentioned in the Morning News, 71-year-old Edmonds resident Henry Gasparian, who last year roughed up two Lyndon LaRouche supporters in an attempt to take away fliers comparing Obama to Hitler, has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and agreed to pay a $400 fine for what he did.

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As a child in Armenia, Henry Gasparian witnessed firsthand the horrors of Nazi Germany. Two uncles were killed, his father wounded and a brother starved to death during the German invasion and occupation of the Soviet Union. So when Gasparian, 70, of Edmonds, saw a poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache near the entrance to the Edmonds Farmers Market on Sept. 5, he admits that his reaction was "personal and emotional."

All of which leaves him without many regrets for his crime. As he put it:

I think I did the right thing, but maybe I should not have been so physical.

While Gasparian's legal jeopardy may be over, the question of what he really deserves for his actions lives on.

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What does Henry Gasparian really deserve?

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