As I wrote on Tuesday, the editors of a self-published sci-fi anthology called Machine of Death managed to get their book sales-bumped to the top of's bestseller list. One of the books they pushed out of the top spot? Glenn Beck's brand-new book Broke.

Oh, clearly this will not stand. Here's a transcript from Glenn Beck's radio show:

And I want to tell you that, um…our books are ALWAYS #1. And I find it REALLY fascinating, FASCINATING, that if you go to, Broke is number THREE. And the two books that are ahead of it — one is Keith Richards’ Life, which is getting a TON of — you know, that’s everywhere.
And then, the #1 book — TODAY, at least — is Machine of Death. And it’s a — collected stories about, you know, people who know how they’re gonna die. Haowww!

So you have DEATH — I know it’s called Life, but what a life it is, really! It’s a culture of death! OR, “How do we restore ourselves?”

These are the — this is the left, I think, speaking. This is the left. You want to talk about where we’re headed? We’re headed towards a culture of death. A culture that, um, celebrates the things that have destroyed us.

Someone sounds wike their gweat big ego got a widdle bwuising.