National Journal did a little research to discover how many times Ayn Rand has been mentioned on the Congressional Record:

In our search of the Record from the last 10 sessions of Congress, spanning from 1993 to 2011, the libertarian hero has only been mentioned 23 times. Ayn Rand has been invoked in praise of her former book printer, Caxton Printers, and during references to her book Atlas Shrugged in arguments to eliminate the death tax in 2001 and while denouncing the National Competitiveness Act of 1993. She also gets 5 mentions by legislators who were quick to note that Alan Greenspan was once a disciple of hers ("Don’t hold that against him," Congressman Harkin said in 2000.)

By far, though, the person most likely to mention Ayn Rand is Ron Paul, the current libertarian hero and father of the newest Senator from Kentucky, Rand.

In related news, the Paul Family Political Franchise Business is booming: The Star-Telegram reports that one of Ron Paul's other children, Robert Paul, is considering running for Senate. Like Dad and Rand, Robert is a doctor (ob/gyn), and like everyone else in his family, he's a libertarian. He says he's trying to decide between running for Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate seat or running for governor of Texas.