News Yesterday 3:38 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell Promises to Deliver Bare Minimum at 2024 State of City Address

The “Basics” Sure Sound a Lot Like Austerity, Car Infrastructure, and Cops

In his third State of the City Address, Mayor Bruce Harrell said he wanted to go back to the “basics” while still “innovating.” However, given the next moves he said he plans to make, he seems most interested in doing the bare minimum and regressing to please the conservative forces that got him and his new city council elected. 

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Guest Rant Yesterday 12:00 PM

Censorship Is Choosing a Side

The King County Bar Association’s Director Should Step Down After Removing Pro-Palestine Op-Ed

I’ll admit that when I read Dua Abudiab’s op-ed in the online version of the King County Bar Association (KCBA) Bar Bulletin titled “From the River to the Sea,” which denounced the widespread censorship and discrimination of pro-Palestine voices on and off social media, my initial reaction was shock; not in response to the content, but in response to the outlet that published it. 

As a former employee of the KCBA, I am very familiar with their recent politics, so, while I was pleasantly surprised to see the op-ed, in my head I knew it was too good to last. I was right. KCBA Executive Director Christina Entrekin Coad, “leadership,” and the Board of Trustees swiftly deleted the piece after less than 24 hours. 

They left the link intact, so if you go to it now, then all you will see is a prime example of the censorship that pro-Palestine activists have been experiencing since October 2023. Leadership and the Board replaced the op-ed with an apology for the harm they caused by allowing such a thing to be released. Nowhere in the lackluster statement did they acknowledge the tens of thousands of Palestinians that Israel has killed in Gaza during the last four months, or the Palestinian-Americans that have been attacked or killed on US soil. They claim the “conflict in Israel and Palestine” is outside of the scope of their mission and insist that the KCBA is a professional service organization, an argument akin to “not our business, not our fight.” But that stance is ironic, given the organization’s conception.

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Sex Yesterday 11:00 AM

Men and Feet

On the Magnum: "Going Solo" with Peter McGraw

Why is it always men that are into foot fetishes?

And speaking of feet, a woman has a pair of fetish shoes that no longer fit. She wants to make sure they go to a loving home, but how?

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Music Yesterday 10:00 AM

SAICOBAB's Chaotic Whirled Music and Mushroom's Stoned Boogie

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

SAICOBAB, “Nachin Machine” (Thrill Jockey)

For nearly 40 years, Japanese drummer/vocalist YoshimiO has been flying one of underground music's most garishly hued freak flags with U.F.O. or Die, Boredoms, OOIOO, Free Kitten, and other units. Her sporadic project, SAICOBAB, (formerly Psycho Baba and other variants thereof) has been subverting sonic decorum for about a quarter century.

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I have written about the unfinished towers in the Denny Triangle in the past. Their future is, according to most reports, still unknown. Construction still appears slow, if it's moving at all; images I took of the development in August of 2022 cannot be distinguished from those I took last week. According to Canada's Globe and Mail, Westbank, the Vancouver, BC-based developer, has faced an "onslaught of litigation... due to unpaid bills." That's about as much as we know—or as much as we are allowed to know.

But what we can see, day in and day out, are the cranes sitting on top of the unfinished towers like stuffed birds. What might breathe life into them again? And how long can the city wait for construction to resume? This question brings me to Oceanwide Plaza in Los Angeles, an unfinished billion-dollar project that died in 2019 and is now known by the whole world as the Graffiti Towers. 

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Good morninggggg. The weather today is expected to be "showers then chance showers," according to the National Weather Service. Also for tonight, "showers likely." So what we're talking about here people is rain, drizzle, sprinkles, and other sky water synonyms. High of 53 degrees. (However, I see no rain as of this moment, so I apologize if I steer you wrong.)

Strippers take Olympia: Strippers Are Workers and members of the LGBTQ+ community showed up at the Washington State Capitol Monday to rally for a bill to eliminate the rules against lewd conduct in places that serve alcohol. The bill has already passed the Senate, but supporters fear House lawmakers present the biggest hurdle. However, after a series of raids on several Capitol Hill gay bars, they may finally have the coalition they need to allow bartenders to serve drinks in jockstraps and to create liquor licenses for strip clubs. 

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Mon 2:02 PM

Leave Madonna Alone

The Queen of Pop’s Celebration Tour Is a Love Letter to Fans, Foes, and the Queer Community

This weekend, Madonna took over Climate Pledge Arena for two nights on her Celebration tour, a career-spanning concert and drag spectacular. Using the occasion to pay tribute to one of my favorite eras of Madge, I made my way toward the Seattle Center in a hot pink leotard and a purple sequin belt (à la “Hung Up”). Two cat calls and one overpriced Uber ride later, I made it to the land of lace gloves, tulle hair bows, bedazzled bomber jackets, and people who understood my outfit. 

It has been nearly a decade since Madonna toured in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s been even longer since she last visited Seattle on her MDNA tour in 2012. Unlike the other tours, Celebration mostly aimed to pay homage to the icon's 45-year-long career. However, over the course of the 134-minute affair, she also lionized those who inspired and propelled her success along the way. All told, the show was a love letter to her dearly departed friends, family, fellow artists, bands, dancers, fans, haters, and, perhaps most importantly, the queer community.

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EverOut Mon 10:00 AM

The Top 41 Events in Seattle This Week: Feb 19–25, 2024

Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Mahalia, and More Top Picks

We've taken stock of everything that happening this week and handpicked the very best things to do, from Mahalia: In Real Life to Dorian Electra and from the 12th Annual Seattle Asian American Film Festival to A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham.



Some Stars of Native American Comedy
With shows like Reservation Dogs and writers like Tommy Orange on the rise, Native arts and performances are getting some overdue shine. This evening of laughs spotlights Native comedy greats like Miguel Fierro, Oakland-based stand-up Jackie Keliiaa, Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma member Adrianne Chalepah, and queer trans comic Howie Echo-Hawk—expect a night of stereotype-shirking laughs and thoughts on the land back movement. LINDSAY COSTELLO
(Neptune Theatre, University District)

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International Court of Justice hears arguments about Israeli occupation: Starting on Monday, for the first time the ICJ will hear arguments on the legality of Israel's decades-long occupation of Palestinian territory. The hearing will encompass decades of Israel's occupation history and actions toward and upon Palestine. Israel hasn't appeared in the the Hague's Peace Palace, where the hearing is taking place. The ICJ's judgments are binding, however it doesn't have any way to enforce them. 

Cougar attacks cyclists: On Saturday, at least one cougar stalked and attacked a group of five bike riders at Tokul Creek trail about five miles north of Snoqualmie. One woman from the group, 60, was taken to Harborview Medical Center after suffering injuries from either the cougar's claws or jaws. She's expected to survive. One cougar, a six-month-old kitten, was killed in the attack after a biker pinned it down. A second cougar may have fled into the forest and escaped. 

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Queer Fri 1:12 PM

A Dog, a Fox, and a Rabbit Walk into a Bar

A New Taproom for Furries Opens in Seattle

The crowd at the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Night of the Living Draft beer and cider tasting regarded Aaron Kalin and his business partner Ray Araldi with curiosity. It was no mystery why. Kalin was a fox named Martini, and Araldi a rabbit called Spork.

It was November 2022, and the two friends had recently moved from Chicago to chase their dream of running Slightly Furry, the only queer, openly-furry cidery in the US, and maybe the world. They had no clue how people outside the community would react. The cider was an unexpected hit.

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EverOut Fri 10:00 AM

The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: Feb 16–18, 2024

BE Great Celebration, Black & Brew Imperial Stout Festival, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

There's no reason to stay parked on the couch all weekend when cheap and easy events from the BE Great Celebration: Black Excellence Festival to MoPOP’s 2024 Sound Off! Showcase and from the 10th Annual Black & Brew Imperial Stout Festival to YEAH! - '90s/2000s R&B and Hip-Hop Jams are beckoning. For more options, our guide to the top events of the week also has you covered.



Invisible Composers Lab
The Invisible Composers Lab brings together composers and musicians across generations and genres to collaborate, experiment, and improvise. For this installment, neo-classical pianists BC Campbell, Paul Matthew Moore, and Krystal Barghelame have teamed up with cellist Maria Scherer Wilson to push the boundaries of their respective instruments. I know that experimental music can be chaotic and stressful to some, but given Campbell's reputation for blissful cinematic soundscapes, this performance will likely be ambient-leaning (i.e. calming and gentle on your brain!) AUDREY VANN
(Good Shepherd Center/Chapel Performance Space, Wallingford, $10 suggested donation at the door)

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Anyone who has ever worked retail knows the pay is low, schedules can be unpredictable, and the long hours on your feet helping customers is physically draining. Our health and safety is often at risk because of threatening behavior from shoplifters and customers alike.

I’ve worked for Macy’s at the Southcenter Mall store for twenty one years. I love my coworkers and our customers. It’s like a second family. But because of chronic understaffing, workers like us have been stretched thin, often lacking support and clear policies to follow when we are faced with situations that present a threat to us or our customers. Some of my coworkers were even retaliated against by management when they raised concerns or called 9-1-1 for help.

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Pinch me, I must be dreaming: Sound Transit finally announced the opening date of the light rail's Line 2, which will "make eight stops from South Bellevue to Redmond Technology stations"—or, about 6.6 miles. Mark your calendars. Trains start running on the Eastside on April 27. But, don't get too excited yet. The trains won't actually connect the Eastside to Seattle until later in 2025. That I-90 connection is delayed since crews are still replacing defective concrete plinths. 
Alexei Navalny is dead: The 47-year-old Russian known for staging anti-Kremlin protests and for speaking out against corruption was considered Vladimir Putin's "fiercest foe." Navalny died Friday at an Arctic penal colony where he was serving a 19-year sentence, about a month before a presidential election. His cause of death is currently unknown, but Navalny reported feeling unwell after a walk. On Thursday, Navalny seemed lively in a court appearance where he laughed and cracked jokes.
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EverOut Feb 15 3:24 PM

Ticket Alert: Usher, girl in red, and More Seattle Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, Dave Matthews Band and More Event Updates for February 15

Fresh off his Super Bowl performance and Vegas residency, R&B icon Usher is bringing his Past, Present, Future tour to Seattle. Norwegian indie-pop gem girl in red has announced a local stop this spring. Plus, the Dave Matthews Band will return to the Gorge for their annual Labor Day weekend gig. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Avi Kaplan - Feel Alright Tour
The Crocodile (Tues May 28)

Ben Howard
Moore Theatre (Wed Aug 14)

Blues Traveler and JJ Grey & Mofro
Marymoor Park (Sat July 13)

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City Feb 15 2:45 PM

Seattle's City Council Is Now Run by Children

And Now I Must Tell the Children a Story About a Boy and a Cow

On Tuesday, February 12, District 7’s Bob Kettle presented his “6 Pillars addressing the Permissive Environment.” These were, according to his reasoning, “the underlying factors behind crime tied to the lack of deterring structures that allow people to endanger themselves and our city.” The first concerned "police staffing"; the second: "legal tools"; the third: "closing unsecured buildings"; the fourth: "graffiti remediation"; the fifth: "public health"; and, last but not least: "collaboration with the county and state." Considered as a whole, the pillars said something that even a child in preschool could understand: If we use a bigger stick and hit all the harder, bad people will stop being bad. And that's about it. That's the extent of Kettle's wisdom if you remove the adult-sounding words "permissive environment." Pain really hurts.

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