But if we are going to throw out the National Anthem because of its racist history we really need to dump the American flag as well.

For a century it represented a nation that fought numerous wars to keep African Americans in slavery and waged genocide against Native Americans.

By comparison the Confederate battle flag, flying for just four years over a bunch a sad sack losers, is pitifully benign.

And the Washington Memorial? Jefferson memorial? When are we going to purge those slaveholding cracker racists from the capital, and currency?

And when will the proud Liberals of Washington State take a stand to change the state's name?
I'm not sure why this story is getting so much play. He's a shitty quarterback. Wake me up when a good player says something important.
Black people are so oppressed we elected by huge margins a black guy to be our President...TWICE!!

The oppression is overwhelming.
@3: Yeah, so shitty he only set an NFL record for most yards rushed by a QB in a single game and took the 49'ers to their first Superbowl in almost 20 years. I mean, seriously, could he even be shittier than that? You no doubt could have done so much better than this shitty, shitty, professional athlete, couldn't you?


And roughly half the people in this country, not to mention a majority in Congress, have been extremely butt-hurt about it ever since.

But you know: Black man elected President = No more racism in 'Murka...
I don't follow football, but Richard Sherman always sounds like an interesting guy to sit down and talk with.
@3, yes things like this are only relevant if a Pro Bowler does it, because no one else's opinion means a damn.

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