If we win all but one or two of our home games and half our road games we'll be fine. Last year started a bit shaky too. That being said RW was running for his life for the first half of last season. Now he seems to be gimping for his life.
We are SHOCKED Slog promotes a business that exploits the oppressed underclass.
Dude its two games in R-E-L-A-X o line will get better when Germaine is back and Russ will get healthier. CM looked like a beast
I think Jeff Fisher must just spend all his time figuring out how to beat Seattle.

This would explain why he seems to have them so figured out, and why he can not beat any other team.

The best part about the game was watching Pete Carroll on the sideline yelling and crying to the officials until he was beet red.

But I think you just got a bit of a glimpse into what the Seattle offense looks like when Wilson can't buy time, and when he is not really a running threat. Eventually a functional O line needs to be created, you can't rely on Wilson's mobility forever.
Tom Cable is waiting for the glue to dry on his new line. Usually takes 6 games.
"...with their trademark brand of yelling nonsense punctuated with specifics about California." Haha, thank you for that.
you just got a bit of a glimpse into what the Seattle offense looks like when Wilson can't buy time, and when he is not really a running threat.

Thank you for the profound insight.
@6 hearty chuckle
@8: So funny how much you apparently dislike me (I recall you saying I was so "tiresome" to deal with), yet you can't resist replying to almost everything I post. It is flattering that you care so much, but it does not go both ways, just so you know.

Feel free to take my name out of your mouth any time now, if I am so taxing for you. If you can help yourself.
As annoying as the call was, the resulting Cassius Marsh GIF is wonderful.
See Bad Thing #2
- Seatttle fan next week will be talking about Forty-Whiners.

Bad Thing #2.5 -Richard Sherman running his mouth after missing a tackle and giving up an extra three yards. The woofing is funny when you're winning and sad and ass-holish when you're not.
Geez what's that about? I called you insightful. Please learn to take a compliment.
@11: It was perhaps the most gentle facemask I have ever seen, but he definitely was guilty.

In any event, Seattle is also getting docked a fifth round pick for violating non-contact rules in certain practices. This will be the third time since 2012 Seattle has been caught violating these union-bargained rules.
@14 i didn't know facemasks could be gentle.
@15: #notallfacemasks
They're worse than auto-play ads!

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