It is hard to get excited over a rivalry when one team sucks so hard in all facets of the game like the 49ers do now.

Chip Kelly is a horrible coach, and anyone who was willing to give him another shot after he single-handedly destroyed the Eagles for three years deserves a 1-15 season.
More importantly, it was the first 37-18 final score in the history of the NFL. The Seahawks have now produced six original final scores during the Pete Carroll era, a record that may never be broken.
Shit. I just realized that Carroll has done it SEVEN times, one time each in his seven years. Unbelievable!
wouldn't be surprised to see a partial tear in the MRI. wussell was all "it feels good" yesterday, but it ain't going to feel good tomorrow.
Isn't that "three types of games" idea pretty facile? You're saying that either they lose, and you're heartbroken (duh), or they win but it's a close margin of victory, or they win and it's not even close.
(point being that the same could be said about any team in any sport)
One note: You cannot strain a ligament. A strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon. A sprain is an injury to a ligament. There are three degrees:

1st - Overstretching of the ligament with little to no tearing.

2nd - Moderate to major tearing, ligament still partially intact.

3rd - Comolete tear.

Doctors/trainers can have a pretty good idea based on examination and physical testing which degree a sprain is, so we can be relatively confident that this is a first-degree sprain. Certainly, it could be shown to be a little worse on imaging, but they are unlikely to be far off. Also, the MCL generally has the shortest healing time of the four knee ligaments. We're not talking about an ACL here.
@5 - Typically a heartbreaking loss is a close loss, one that you were in to the end, came down to the wire, etc., but you ended on the losing side of. In football I'd say that's any game you lose by 8 points or less, and, when the Seahawks lose, those are typically the types of games they lose.

In the Pete Carroll era, they're known for "always being in games" and not getting blown out. I think Spike is saying that when they lose, its never a blowout and usually a squeaker.

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