Mariners footage not found? Griffey's '95 slide definitely qualifies.
An absolute mob scene at the neighborhood sports bar last night. And then pandemonium when Torres converted.

Of course, I could scarcely make out a word the announcers had to say the whole time, so it wasn't until after the game that I learned the Sounders went the whole way without a shot on goal. Zero shots on goal and then penalty kicks--now that's what you call winning in the ugliest way possible. But hey, championships don't require style points and they don't come with asterisks.

By the same token, anyone who thought Toronto dominated the Sounders was watching a different game than I was. Agreed with Spike Friedman's assessments.

This was not the showcase game to win over the skeptical North American sports fan to the joys of soccer, or the showcase game to win over the discerning European football fan to the quality of MLS, but I'm already a convert, and in my little corner of the world, I'm basking in the afterglow and feeling some collective pride.
@1 - A great moment, no doubt, but it didn't even lead to World Series berth.

That's how low the bar for great Mariners moments is.
It's a new Sounders defensive championship strategy: The Seattle Freeze. Let their goalie sit idle for 120 minutes until we strike in a shootout.
Sad commentator moment when he mentioned how great Frei's save was in, I quote, "any league." British MLS slam! Hah.
@3 That's because the &$/#¿₩ owners were too stupid and refused to get a decent short stop. Mariners at various times had the best pitcher and the best home runners, yet never got anywhere year after year because $/^&## owners!

Not Griffey Jr's fault!

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