also contributing: he's made poor decisions during games, and increasingly so.
Hey'll get signed by somebody. They're just waiting to bottom feed.
I still couldn't care less about sports
I don't think racism has much to do with it - though it probably contributes a little.

He's injury prone and has regressed since Harbaugh left.

If he didn't have the anthem thing hanging over him, would he be signed? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't think the anthem issue is costing him a job so much as it's costing him money.

I promise you if he drops his asking price enough, someone (Jets, Texans, Jags, among a few others) will take a flyer on him.
@5. So noted.
No need to go looking for racist boogiemen. If Kaepernick's pro football career is over it's because, well, as a QB he kinda sucks. He showed great promise early on but like many who do, he just wasn't that good. He struggled with injuries, pass completion rates, decision making, abysmal QB ratings, etc etc. He led the Niners to the cellar of the NFC West so....yeah...when you do that, irrespective of whatever race you are, you can't expect to have a long career.
@5: then ignore it.
The Seahawks should sign him if they can get him for a few million. He's better than Trevone Boykin. And Russell's looking kinda chubby.
At this point Colin Kaepernick is not a very good NFL quarterback. That isn't a huge insult, because playing NFL quarterback is really, really hard. So hard that there are more NFL teams than there are good NFL quarterbacks, let alone very good NFL quarterbacks. Right now all the teams trying to upgrade at quarterback are trying to figure out how to get a very good one, and they are passing on Colin. But the numbers say most of them will fail. And with the talent pool that thin, even a marginally competent NFL quarterback will be signed by somebody somewhere, even as a backup. Look for that to happen to Colin before this is all over.
Not that it isn't a very serious matter, but all social issues aside for a moment: No one making $50K or less a year, paying $150-250 a ticket, wants to see some cat making $5-10M a season grandstanding about social equality. Owners know this. So is a decision not to pick up a player who might potentially piss off fans a racially-biased one or a business-based one?
Kaepernick worse socks that showed cops as pigs. Didn't a white Seattle Marners player get ejected from the team for rightfully calling the rioters barbarians? These rioters targeted Asian owned stores. IOW it was xenophobic violence. If they were white his comment wouldn't have generated controversy and the racism of the rioters would have been loudly denounced. Instead he was slurred a racist since this ugly mob behavior was committed by blacks. It's kinda racist to punish someone for speaking about blacks in a way that would be considered perfectly fine if talking about whites.
Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA for telling his bimbo girlfriend not to bring the guys she was doing to his games. NBA player Tony Parker did a Nazi salute on the court without any consequences. NBA player Danny Green took a selfie at the Holocaust memorial in Germany and posted it with the hashtag #lolholocaust. Dalmon Young of the Detroit Tigers punched a homeless Jewish man in a hate crime (he was wearing a yarmulke) and pled guilty to a hate crime. No time in prison, no career or reputation damage. Unlike the Mariner's player who insulted rioters.
IOW, cry me a river about Kaepernick and that other guy. Plenty of people have consequences for minor slights towards blacks and if blacks ever have consequences for their hate speech I've never seen it.
13: " grandstanding about social equality"
Newsflash liberals: talking about what victims blacks and Muslims are is not condemning social inequality. The lack of concern for those victimized by the enormous amount of abusive and violent behavior both groups commit makes it clear you just don't like your favored groups to be dissed. These same people are fine with civil rights injustices or bigotry when it doesn't negatively affect their favored groups.
@14, 15: please go into your bunker and close the door forever.
I'm still disgusted at the self righteous chest beating of these pseudo patriots who condemned Colin for making use of his freedom of expression to bring attention to a grave issue.
I wish him well, he's accomplished more with his life (college, pro's Super Bowl, playoff, setting records and charity work, etc) than any of his do-nothing, know-nothing losers who get their misguided opinions from propaganda outlets like Brietbart and Fox "News"
Someone is going to pay him at least 2 million dollars next year to be their backup at the very least, so no need to cry for Kaep.

He'll be fine.
He is an entertainer who misjudged his audience.
And objectively an unpatriotic ingrate.
And The Arc of Moral Justice is finally landing on his sorry ass.
Way past due....
It is all the richer that he decided to climb down from his moral high horse when he waqs about to put himself on the market.
This little sniveling piece of shit is The Left's hero?
@10 Very good points.
If rapists and dog fighters can continue to find work in the NFL, so too can Kaepernick.
He opted out of a contract that would've paid him at least $11 million a year because he's an idiot and has no one but himself to blame. That's not racism, that's bad business on his part. He also makes terrible decisions on the field as well and never really improved from his first 2 years- everything is a fast ball with him which is why he got benched.

He also advocated against voting- something the left seems to forget when trying to crown this turd of a man- so you can thank him for low minority voter turn out.

In short, Colin Kaepernick is a moron and a false prophet who misjudged the market.
Right on to the brothers and sisters that supports the God Colin P.. what he did should be commended. And right on to brotha Craig Hodges and brotha Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, for falling on the sword over 20+ years ago. With little fanfare or appreciation for their courageousness. These three brothas need to be memorialized in the African American Museum sooner, than later.
I agree with the comment of Kaepernick being a false prophet for race relations. He is a dumb bro who for years would kiss his bicep when he would score, if that's not a tool move I don't know what is. I also believe the white people that jumped on his bandwagon as the hero for not standing for the anthem are simply typical fools that are out to prove they are not racist themselves. Don't get me wrong I do believe that Kaepernicks white sheep aren't racist and would like to see things change in this country but their pathetic attempt to anoint him on social media is nothing but an attempt to make themselves look like they are a big part of some revolution or change, when they are actual nothing but clowns who need more like clicks on their Facebook page. The bottom line is if you grow up in Whiteville you don't know shit about anything but your little bubble so stick to it. Let the people that actually live the struggle tell the story not your white northwest ass.
Who is Colin Kaepernick?
If you mean because he's racist, then yes. Anyone who sides with him are racist.

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