I estimate at least 75% of these memes are generated in Russian teenagers’ bedrooms. It’s just too easy to manufacture news these days. Well done, Stranger!


What's amazing is how anything can be marketed to sell crap: even a person's beliefs can be bought...for the right price.


Reporting on what three guys said on Twitter is like reporting on what the crazy homeless lady is yelling about on the corner that afternoon.


the right has twisted this narrative around 180 degrees. kaepernick wasn't protesting injustice; he was pissing on the graves of our war dead.

slog's RW contingent will be along shortly to make this argument.


Not sure if all the dipshits are really racists. Some just don't understand that patriotism takes many forms. Who are you to decide how to honor the national anthem? Taking a knee is hardly the same as burning a flag.

The most appalling, unpatriotic thing I've ever seen used to be quite common at NASCAR races, and probably can still be found here and there. That's right, openly supporting American traitors, by flying their flag. Disgusting. This isn't the flag of a some grab bag bunch of rebels pissed off about higher whiskey taxes (George Washington took care of them fairly quickly) but an organized set of traitors who formed their own government -- based upon principles of tyranny -- then took up arms against the United States of America. Yet every so often, I see flags like this being worn or even flown during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Disgusting.


Great, more distraction away from President Trump's unethical actions.

Nike's target demographic are largely supporters of Kaepernick. Don't think for an instant that Nike didn't focus group the shit out of this decision before letting it go public.

This is nothing more than Stigginit


I think we should be encouraging more shoe-burning, but stress that you need to inhale really deeply for quite a long time before you start to feel the psychoactive effects from the burning polymer resins. Just keep huffing the carbonizing shoe-goo for as long as possible - if you happen to pass out from the fumes, make sure you have a buddy at the ready to turn you on your side, and keep your face as close to the smoldering shoes as possible.


I doubt this “protest” will go any further than the handful of reactionary idiots who felt the need to destroy their personal property within minutes of nike’s press release, but it’s still fun to watch. The dipshit who cut up his socks is my favorite.



I want to see them destroy their Tom Brady jerseys.


Kaepernick's point isn't that you should rush or to buy Nike's, Jesus. That's Nike's point.


"Reporting on what three guys said on Twitter..."

You mean guys like our fucking president?


One of my more addle-brained high school friends posted a picture of Pat Tillman with the "believe in something lose everything" (or whatever it is) line, which is just sad and stupid on so many levels.




It's like reading a scathing review of a film by a writer who missed the plot.


Enjoy the NFL friends, put your hand over your heart, wonder at the unity and disregard the media spectacle.

Sport brings people together by design. The Left abhors such displays of racial unity and national pride. It messes up the programing the other 21 hours a day.


I still don't understand why people walk around being human billboards... FOR FREE!
I mean come on... Nike should be sending you a monthly check for wearing their logo. So should any company who's logo you wear. Y'all are idiots for doing that for free.

And a "Nike pillowcase" ... o_O ... seriously, a monthly check.


Oh, 14 dear. Do you always think in bumper stickers?

I agree that Kaepernick is not a martyr, but I'm not sure why you are being such a diva about it, because no one said he was. Pat Tillman, on the other hand, was a martyr. He died of friendly fire in a war that should never have happened. He sacrificed everything for literally nothing.

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