Congrats to Edgar! He deserves it.

If I'm not mistaken, Steve Largent played his entire hall-o-fame career with the Seahawks.


As bumbling as the Mariners appear nowadays, they were very relevant to Seattle in the mid-90s after Pinella became manager.
Martinez certainly deserved this- he will always be a true sports hero in Seattle!


Thanks, Spike - it is a pleasure reading your sports musings.


Kenny Easley.


Well said, Spike.

Some other good think/feel pieces for those who like --

Kate Preusser before:

Meg Rowley after:


Spike, you continue to be my favorite Seattle sportswriter. Thanks for this!


Such great news.


if they can put harold baines in the hall of fame how could they deny martinez?


Steve Largent?

Way to be Gar.


Yeah, I'd say maybe Steve Largent.

Out of college I'd worked for a few years as a bike messenger in DC. I remember making a delivery to his office on the Hill. I'd asked the receptionist if he was actually in the office at the time and I think she saw that I was a bit crazed and perhaps going to try to make a scene or seek an autograph or ask how Jim Zorn was or maybe just scream at him for being a goofy RWNJ loon (I'd have probably done all four if given the opportunity.)

She gave me that, "yeahhhhh, I think he's maybe in a meeting off-site" response in order to get me on my way. Good times.

Good also for Edgar who seems like a pretty good guy, inasmuch as I know about him. Though I still wish the AL would ditch the freaking DH.


Thank you, Spike. I'm so tickled for Edgar! He deserves his long overdue OF honors. This couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Kenny Easley

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