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My Mariners-Loving Nephews Tell Me All the Mariners Lingo I Need to Know

The Mariners after clinching the wild card spot against the Oakland Athletics on September 30. Katie Seling



A lot of people are getting into the Mariners right now for the first time, why not actually answer the meanings of these terms? how is it helpful to write an article with children answering questions (some incorrectly)?
the website google dot com has correct, not-from-literal-children answers,
“Los Bomberos,” he said in an aha! moment, the Spanish translation for “Firemen.” “We put out the fires,” Muñoz said.
I get the fun of having kids answer, but why not have someone who actually gives a (dump) about baseball fact-check it? “I don’t know” isn’t cute, it’s admitting you’ve wasted your time.


Nice overview. (My middle name is Oliver and I'm 100 years old.) "Fireman" has been a nickname for relief pitchers for as long as I can remember. Presumably because they "put out the fire" to win the game.


One thing your nephews left out is that Robbie Ray is an unvaccinated fuck. And in his case “Los Bomberos” means “one who gives up long bombs to lose the game.”


“Today's game, Game 1 in the American League Division Series (ALDS) against the Houston Astros, starts at 12:37 pm. Here are all the words you'll no doubt see scrolling by on Twitter,”


“A walk-off is when the home team takes the lead at the bottom of the ninth—or in extra innings—and ends the game.”

Oh, the irony…


The Mariners have real talent and energy-like Seattle! However long the bandwagon lasts, it’s great to see them come alive!
Thank God the days of Howard Lincoln are gone!


how can it be
The World Series
when Less than Half
the World is Invited to Play?

I know
it seems
like WE are
The Whole World!

there's More?

Iraq and Iran
maybe next time?

or we could
just Bomb them
to Smithereens & Beyond.

that'll teach 'em!

Play BALL!




"Should they have paid for their own fucking stadium?" Aw, have a heart - billionaires gotta eat, too! And what better way to dine than on somebody else's dime, especially the public taxpayer's?!


How can it be
The World Series
When the Mariners
Never ever play in it?

@9: Schools, roads, bridges, transit — these could all go suck it when it was time to subsidize millionaires who played a children’s game for billionaires.


GO EMs!“

Seattle should indeed have let the Ms’ go, a long time ago.

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