Sports Jul 9, 2024 at 7:30 am

Ballard FC Leadership Is Partnering with Seattle Reign Players, Seattle Storm Leadership, and Others to Bring Semi-Pro Women’s Soccer to Seattle

Proud owners: Olivia Van der Jagt (left), Jen Barnes, and Lauren "Lu" Barnes. COURTESY OF BALLARD FC



This is wonderful news, and I just hope they call the team something original like Ballard Ballers rather than giving it some generic, soulless imitation-English name. Now that Ballard FC is taken, there's still a risk of Ballard United and Ballard City. Of course, now that I have put "Ballard Ballers" down in writing, I have just given it the kiss of death.

This being a Nathalie article about something I'm halfway acquainted with, I feel I need to clarify.

"... and you can’t even turn to gasp men’s soccer since the US Men’s National Team didn’t even make it out of group play in the COPA America tournament. So, how are you going to survive these hot July days without any soccer news to subsist on?" How about the remaining teams in Copa America? Is Messi not a big enough deal--with Argentina playing Canada tonight? Or the Euros? Where Spain and France are facing off now. Or the Sounders? Or the Reign--the very already existing soccer team referenced in the story?

"USL and USL W teams exist as a bridge between amateur and collegiate soccer to professional soccer." That should read USL League Two (which Ballard FC is in) and USL W. The USL Championship and League League One, which are above USL League Two, are fully professional leagues.

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