Spring Music 2023 Apr 17, 2023 at 12:00 pm

Seattle Symphony Hands Over Benaroya Hall for a Week of Climate Activism

The Dear Humanity concert, featuring Seattle Symphony Artist in Residence Angelique Poteat and the 2020 Community Youth Orchestra is Friday, April 21 at Benaroya Hall. Photo of Angelique Poteat by Carlin Ma Photography; Graphic by Anthony Keo



gonna be upta YOU
kids. thee* "Adults"
will NEVER figure
this out. if y'all
wanna Keep
Planet Earth
it's gon-
na take


*they're too cozy
too Status Quosy
their Perspective's
been Compromised
they're willing to Settle
for a slowly-dying Planet

time to Meddle.

Humanity Mother
Earth & Mother
Nature'll thank
you later.

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