State of the State 2023 Jan 13, 2023 at 12:32 pm

Democrats Vow to Make Washington an Abortion Sanctuary

Though WA boasts strong abortion protections, we still have plenty of loopholes left to close. Anthony Keo



will far reich-wing Pregnancy-Enforcers
allow freedom* FROM Their religion?

Jesus saith: 'Hell, YES!'

so sorry, Patriarchy. so
Long, Stockholm


I suppose a suggestion to replace "anyone with a uterus" to "women" would be taken as being violent.


Who wants to go in with me on a “Come to Washington to kill your baby! - Sen. Phil Fortunato“ billboard somewhere in Idaho?


With all the technological medical advances why are so many “people with uteri” relying on such a medieval method of ending a pregnancy?
Shouldn’t more time and money be spent on actually preventing pregnancy rather than ending them?
Treat the source instead of the symptom.
I mean abortion up until birth is pretty fucked up.


who Don't wanna go
to Ideeho & carry their
Rapists' babies to Term
share Custody and what
are you Kidding me, Prenatal
WHAT? welcome to the Wild
West where Condoms are ILLEGAL
'less your MARRIED (Current Marriage
Licenses ONLY) and proper 'birth control'

Education -- sorry
wasn't in the
Budget not
this Year
we hope
to get it
in Soon!


"I mean abortion
up until birth is
pretty fuck-
ed up."

what culling
the Babies is
Affronting to
You? join the

that one
we gotta

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