In Olympia, time is the most powerful weapon in the Republican minority’s arsenal. And each year, the Democratic majority hands it to them. Anthony Keo



Legislators know exactly what they are doing. They were elected Democrats, but not progressives. They have not devolved into barely functioning coalition i of wingnuts, thankfully. They’ll keep going along to get along until a rowdier bunch is elected to replace them.


Aw, Rich - the privileged white guy - is outraged!


coddling "republicans"
is like giving
to Mol-


Fucking Republicans kill everything they touch and the fucking Democrats stand by and let them do it.


It is simply not true that expanding the Democratic majorities mean that people endorse their politics or their methods. The primary way of getting votes is fear-mongering about the opposing party. The system is fundamentally broken, and the people acting within it are fundamentally incapable of doing good work.

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