State of the State 2023 Jan 11, 2023 at 1:08 pm

Guns! Abortion! Housing! Police Reform! Health Care! Taxing the Rich! And Steamrolling the GOP! Or Not.

What the hell are they doing under that dome?? Anthony Keo



Couldn't they just outlaw SFH statewide, and remove all fossil fuel requirements (gas lines, gas stoves, gas furnaces, gas huffing (oh wait the GQP do that)) for buildings?

And then fund building public housing like real states and provinces do?


Please keep an eye on K-12 education. It’s a make or break year for Seattle Schools to reckon with its untenable deficit, or enter into some serious chaos.


I know it's almost entirely symbolic at this point but personally I would like to see the Legislature take one last crack at re-legalizing affirmative action, now that sufficient time has passed since the last attempt was narrowly overturned by referendum. If America's sole remaining policy tool for addressing (however inadequately) our enduring racial opportunity gap is to be banned for all time -- which sadly seems likely this year -- let it be by the hand of SCOTUS, not the state of Washington.


Will dear, that was deranged, even for you. Are you feeling OK?

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