We find ourselves here again, teetering on the edge of a new year. In terms of stickers, Seattle put up a bounty of fantastic and pervy stickies. I love all my finds equally, but here are the fourteen stickers (plus an episode of Sticker Patrol) I spotted this year that are closest to my cold little heart. 

My Dating Criteria

But, you know what? I'm not all that sorry. JK

I know this might just be ripped from some Tumblr post, but it really made me chuckle. This could apply to me or any one of my friends. I love to see and be seen by this sticker. Hats off to whoever posted this. 

Have You Checked for Other Doors?

A very sweet sticker. JK

Repeating this to myself when I feel trapped in a feeling or idea. I would love to know who made this!

We Love a...

In all senses of the word. JK

I really think socialites would make excellent organizers.

We Should Send This Sticker to Every Forced-Birth Fuck in Congress

I'm sure babies would actually be down with abortion. JK

If having babies is so fucking important, why aren't we listening to them? They are probably the chillest contingent ever. Like, all they wanna do is suck boobs, poop, and cry. As recent womb residents, of course they don't give a shit about what a person does with their body. Get fuckin' real. 

Hitting the Streets of Lower Queen Anne

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Our most recent episode of Sticker Patrol is my favorite one we've done this year, although each one is very good. Check out us patrolling the streets of Lower Queen Anne if you haven't already!

The Thing about Time...

What a clever placement. JK

Forgot where I saw this one. The thing about me is that I'm a big Goodbye Press fan. Love all their stickers, weird water bottles, and elaborate tees. S-tier shit.

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The Real Problem

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this guy blows. JK

Seattle’s street-sticker prophets would like to remind the city, and probably particularly the cranks at the Seattle Times Editorial Board, that it’s not anarchists on Twitter or the unhoused or Kshama Sawant making Seattle shitty—it’s Mr. B! The dude who dodges taxes, treats his workers like garbage, and looks like a Getty Image stock photo of a villain. Fun fact: I spotted this billionaire at a swanky restaurant on Capitol Hill recently and almost pooped my pants. That dude def sees all these stickers that dunk on him. Thanks, Make Seattle Shitty Again, for this sticker.

If You See a Pigeon and a Rat Hugging, Run

Me and Charles' worst nightmare. JK

"Seriously, people are playing with fire," wrote my colleague Charles Mudede, an avowed rat hater, on Slack when I sent him the picture. "Rats and pigeons hugging is a sign of the apocalypse. I would much rather see horsemen in the sky than this shit." This is still a very sweet sentiment. If you know who made this, please let me know!

She's Reflective

Spotted on the Timbre Room patio, duh. JK

I feel like this would be the brand of popper that the gays in Bros would use. Seriously though!

I Love This Strategy

This is one way to do it! MB

Shoutout to my colleague Matt Baume for spotting this beauty! And thank you to Mousey for making it. Would love to see this in action, tbh.

Would You Die for the Cross? The Flag? The Cock?

Sir, this is a Wendy's. JK

My friend asked me if this was a Proud Boy sticker, but I don't think those cretins have enough patience to make someone beg for their dick, lol. Anyway, this sticker scandalized me. Did you do it? Tell me.

He Is Always Watching

Well... you do... JK

Saw this one outside of Blotto, but I've been spotting these up and down 12th Avenue. Keep up the blasphemy, kids!

You Totally Reek, Dude

My biggest fear. JK

H/t to Chad Leonard for making this sticker. It's the sister of this meme:

Let's Not Give the Weather Any Ideas

But true. JK

This can either be read as words of encouragement or consolation.

My Mood This Entire Year

Spotted in Fremont. JK

Hope you had a good year. See you in the next one. :)

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at jkeimig@thestranger.com.