Stranger Genius Awards

stranger genius awards

Lead Pencil Studio
(Visual Art)

Jennifer Zeyl (Theater)

James Longley (Film)

Jonathan Raban

On the Boards
(Arts Organization)

Watch video interviews with these Geniuses shot at the October 21 2006 Genius Awards Party at the Henry, and chceck out photos from the celebration.

genius awards
patch project

The 2006 Genius Awards Party is presented by The Stranger and the Patch Project.


The Stranger's Genius Awards allow us to unabashedly rain praise on local artists and writers doing smart, original work. We investigate and profile noteworthy emerging artists and—most importantly—elevate four rising stars (one each working in film, literature, visual art, and performance) and one arts organization to Genius status. The Genius crown comes with a no-strings-attached $5,000 grant and a gala awards party in the winners' honor. The money is meant to encourage and promote art, and to thank the artists and organizations that make this town vibrant. The winners are free to use the money however they like: to pay bills, stage a play, or for a mind-expanding trip to Brazil.

At the event, the fresh crop of Geniuses are toasted at an all-out bash—with, booze, music, beautiful people, and a big helping of rowdy. A private awards ceremony and reception precedes the public opening. Previous venues include Consolidated Works (2003), Western Bridge (2004), and Seattle Art Museum (2005).

Here's a look at all the past Genius Winners—an impressive group of creative brains: