Othello Station: The Center of the World

The Array of Restaurants That Has Sprung Up Around Othello Light Rail Station Reflects Seattle's Deep International Roots


Oh Hell No is the center of the world? Even for Charles, this is infantile pap.
Center of the world or not, it seems negligent to discuss food options in the Othello neighborhood and not mention Hoang Lan, which is purported to have the best Bun Bo Hue in Seattle. If you don't know what Bun Bo Hue is, trust me, you want to find out. https://www.yelp.com/biz/hoang-lan-seatt…

Also, Charles only mentioned Huarachitos in passing, but they've got a good shrimp taco there amongst other things.
I don't know...I was there last Friday night investigating options, and almost everything was closed at like 8pm.