TAVOLATA Smoked Fish and Pickled Onion Bruschetta Geoffrey Smith


Spinasse? Ok, whatevah.
Salvatore? Old school and excellent.
I guess I don't understand your definition of 'best' or 'restaurant' when you start with Artusi (barely qualifies as restaurant) and don't include La Spiga or Altura.. but then I guess I shouldn't be surprised since the stranger 'food' reviews seem to care more about the bar/happy hour than good food..
im also surprised you put Tavolata on this list over la spigra or more importantly Machavellis. Ive been to both Tavolatas and they don't even compare.
@3 I also question the definition of "Seattle" which here seems to mean places within walking distance from The Stranger's offices. What about Agrodolce? Raccolto?
@4: You'd probably have a better chance of getting good Italian food at an Olive Garden than to try to find authentic, delicious Italian food at a restaurant from the overhyped, medium talent Ethan Stowell. A (total baller of a) chef who worked for Stowell once walked up to him and offered to teach him to make Italian food and Stowell fired him on the spot. He should have taken him up on it. Maybe he would have learned something.

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