August brings heat, summer malaise, and the annual Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. And this year, this portal to the Elizabethan era seems a bit too real, with a pox plaguing the people of 2022. At least English peasants weren't forced to know about the Twitter drama surrounding the Lockheed Martin tenderqueer. ANYWAYS, this time-honored tradition beckons city folk to squeeze into tights and bustiers before making their way to the grassy plains of Bonney Lake's Kelley Farm, a land that, for a brief moment, becomes the English town of Merriwick.

Over three weekends, Ren Faire-goers are living in a time where pirates, elves, and fairies delight and terrorize humans; turkey legs are the most delicious things on Earth; and men stake their egos on jousting. You can get lit off of mead at alehouses like your ancestors might've in the olden times and tip your hat at Queen Elizabeth herself, who'll grace Merriwick with her presence. There's also an artisan marketplace, where you can tipsily buy a necklace or a hat that you'll literally never wear again. This weekend's theme is "Masked Marauders." Merriwickians are invited to dress up as sailors, raiders, and privateers for their Masquerade Ball. Go drink and be merry and forget about the plagues afflicting our society for but a moment. 

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire kicks off this weekend from August 6-7 and runs through August 13-14, and 20-21. Tickets start around $15 and parking is free.