Stranger Suggests Sep 7, 2022 at 9:49 am

The series of rare and weird cinema includes screenings of All That Jazz and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie



You can't stream All That Jazz? Jesus. How it that possible? One of the seminal (and very popular) works of the 1970's.

And you forgot actress and broadway legend Leland Palmer. Name sound familiar? That's because David Lynch named his Twin Peaks villain (father of Laura) after her as an inside joke and homage to Broadway (why he also cast theater legends Russ Tamblyn and Warren Frost).


@1: It played on TCM in March. Unstreamable doesn't track movies that will routinely briefly pop up on a streaming service. We need a database like that (but maybe it exists somewhere).

JustWatch claims All That Jazz is currently available on tubi and crackle (both have ads), but I haven't verified that they are.

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